Do’s and don’ts in the online casino – 9 essential tips

There are so many different online casino available with a single Google search that it’s no surprise if newer players are confused and skeptical as to which are legitimate. Worry not, the following checklist should help beginners and beginners to avoid the typical mistakes when looking for an attractive online casino. Prefer casinos with play money mode: With play money you can test a casino and the game selection without obligation before you open a player account and risk your own money. Prefer casinos with top ratings on independent portals: If a casino receives positive feedback on several independent rating portals, this is a clear indication that it is a recommended offer.

Don’t overestimate bonus offers: Many inexperienced casino fans focus primarily on the first deposit bonus. A lucrative welcome bonus can be a nice thing. But you should always keep in mind that every new customer bonus is linked to bonus conditions. Most of the time you have to convert the bonus amount and often the deposit amount multiple times before a real profit is generated. Identity verification is a positive detail: if you want to make the first payout and an identity verification is required, this is a clear indication that the casino operator is serious. The identity verification process may take a few days. But you should be happy that you have selected a casino that implements measures against money laundering and other fraud attempts. Avoid multiple registration at casinos: All casinos prohibit their customers from registering multiple times. One of the reasons for this is that multiple use of the bonus offers would be possible in this way. The result of improper use of the account is usually the blocking of all accounts. This leads to unnecessary trouble, which you should definitely avoid by sticking to the casino rules. Create a secure password: It is not only important in online casinos that you use a secure password. The usual rules for creating a password also apply in a casino. Anyone who uses the date of birth or another easy guess at the password should not be surprised if there are any difficulties with the player account.

Beware of promotional emails for casinos: If you get an email from a casino that you are not registered with at all, you should not click on any link. This usually leads to great inconvenience. You should only click on a link in an email from a casino if you are absolutely sure that it is a legitimate email from the provider. If in doubt, you should ask customer service before clicking on any link that you don’t know if it leads to a useful website. Caution with casino apps: In general, you should only ever search apps from casinos on the websites of the casino operators. There are always fakes in the big app stores that can cause massive damage. In recent years there have also been more and more casinos that do not offer an app to install at all, but instead run the mobile games directly via the browser. This is a modern solution that has the advantage for customers, among other things, that no app installation is necessary. Review comments in casino forums critically: There is a negative comment or two about almost every reputable online casino that has been on the market for a while. This is easy to explain: when casino players have a losing streak, they often blame the casino, the random number generator or the game manufacturer. Caution should only be exercised if the negative comments on individual casinos accumulate and become the norm. A single negative comment shouldn’t make you automatically avoid a casino. If a provider shows all the important seriousness features, it is much more important than the individual opinion of a disappointed player